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Las Vegas Insights from NIELSEN

Kelly Abcarian, a media research executive with more than 17 years of industry and technical leadership in aligning cross-product solutions for television, digital and cross-platform content and advertising, and currently serving as Senior Vice President for Product Leadership at Nielsen was our May 2017 speaker. She was kind enough to send along her slides fromt he […]

4 Ways VoIP Can Help You Market Your Business

One of the first things that any business does in establishing themselves, is to acquire a business phone system. For many, VoIP is the obvious choice. What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes it possible to use telephony services across the internet. Unlike a traditional phone service, VoIP doesn’t require phone lines, instead […]

What Fitness Apps can Teach us About Customer Retention

Marketers can learn about customer retention and influencing consumer behavior from fitness apps. Here’s what you need to know.​ ​Anyone who attends a gym with any regularity will probably bemoan the bump in attendance many gyms see after Jan. 1. The crowd of New Year’s resolvers is predictable and is a population that the health […]

Content Owners: Solve Your Vimeo Copyright Match Issues

Vimeo has joined YouTube and SoundCloud in the protection of music copyright owner rights. Of course this means that sometimes you’ll get copyright notifications when trying to upload your own content. With Vimeo, these matches are being made via Audible Magic, an automated content recognition service to which we send your music for fingerprinting. If […]