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Four Ways To Make Your Company Stand Out In The Mind Of The Customer

When your customers trust you their loyalty directly turns into increased profit

Once you have a good reputation your customers will help to sell your company and validate your advertising to new customers. This is especially true for small businesses but has recently had a profound effect on large business as well.

Many people in today’s increasingly consumer conscious/eco-conscious world are actually willing go out of their way to buy from companies performing business ethically.

So here are four things you can do to create a better foundation for your marketing and make your company stand out in the mind of the customer.

• Create guidelines:

If you don’t have a mission statement take the time to make one. But don’t stop there. Create a code of conduct pertaining to service. This way you can ensure that your customers are getting the level of service they deserve.

• Engage the customer:

Let the customer know what promotion is available right when they walk in or after you have assessed their needs. Get your customers in the mindset that your business is part of the family by keeping them informed and involved as much as possible. Remember, every little bit counts. Simply having your cashiers fill customers in on promotions, for example, at the register may be all you need to increase your profits.

• Create Value:

Creating truly valuable promotions and delivering on it will leave clients feeling that you always do things for the good of the customer. Whether they take part in the promotion or not. If one person doesn’t have need of your service that doesn’t mean they don’t have a friend that DO need your service.

• Create a community:

When people feel they belong to something bigger than themselves it gives them a sense of belonging which humans all innately desire. It also gives people reassurance that what they are doing is a smart choice.

Giving your clients a place to do socializing can give you a group of company cheerleaders. There are many ways to do this: special sales days for long time clients, holding charity functions, or, a tool that has become ever so popular in the last five years, the online community on your website or social media platform. Customers love to discuss issues and topics with people who have similar interests or live in the same community. Establish a safe place for them to do this sponsored by you.

These are all just foundations to ideas, feel free to get creative and go as far with these creative platforms as you can. Feel free to let us know how you did.

Creativity truly is the fuel for the engine we call business, we need to make sure we are always running with a full tank.

Author bio: Sam Zargari is head copywriter at Zed Collective, and has over 15 years in sales and advertising experience. 

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