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5 Keys to a Twitter Profile that Rocks

First impressions are everything… especially in the fast-moving world of social media.  So if you’re looking for a way to stand out, to brand yourself or your company, and generate more followers, engagement and leads on Twitter, you need to rock out your Twitter profile. You only get 160 characters to do it… but it’s important since that bio pops up in search results.

So how do you stand out without looking like you’re bragging?  Here are 5 Keys to a Twitter profile that rocks:

1) No Typos!  It’s number one on the list for a reason.  Have a friend look over it before you post.  Typos smack of unprofessionalism so make sure your profile is dialed in from a spelling standpoint!

2) Be You.  Authenticity is everything online.  If you’re not the President of the company, don’t list “President” as your title.  Upload a real picture of yourself, and say buh-bye to the Twitter egg.  The egg makes you look like a fake account.

3) Flaunt Your Connections.  This sounds like bragging, but it’s not.  It’s a great way to align yourself with what matters most to you.  Maybe you’re the chief content officer for a company with a large social presence.  Make sure you tag their handle in your bio.  Or maybe your significant other is a prolific tweeter… don’t hesitate to mention them as well.  It goes back to number two.  If Twitter users can connect you with real people online, they’ll know you’re authentic.

4) Don’t be afraid to show some personality.  What do you do in your time off? What are your hobbies?  Twitter is all about being human.  And we are all more than our job titles.  It’s what connects us to our fellow humans.  Usually the most intriguing part of our being is what we do outside the office.  So make sure to include that in your profile.

5) Align yourself with your industry.  It’s one thing to list your job title.  It’s another to use words that help you position yourself as the expert in your industry.  Use the words that other industry influencers are using so you’re findable among your peers.  But give them your own twist.  Everyone’s a “strategist” but very few are “Nerdfighters” or “Mission Controllers.”

Nina Radetich is a longtime journalist and founder of Nina Radetich New Media Strategies, a social media consulting agency in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nina helps businesses build their social strategies and connect with customers through creative social media campaigns.  You can find Nina at or by contacting her directly at

This article first appeared on Nina’s blog.


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