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5 Tricks to Build Engagement on Twitter

Tell me if this sounds like you: You’ve set up an eye-catching profile on Twitter with a rock star bio. You’re posting interesting content on a consistent basis and following other, relevant people in your niche. Yet all you hear is crickets! No one is really responding to you or retweeting your content or mentioning you on their own. It can be so discouraging, especially when you know how important a strong Twitter presence is for your business!

You want to reach more people, and the best way to do that is to get more people to engage with you. So I’ve put together a list of the top 5 things you need to do right now to generate engagement on Twitter. Put these into play and watch your Twitter profile skyrocket!

1.) Ask a question.

People love sharing their opinions. Giving them the opportunity to do so is one of the most powerful ways to get them to respond to your content! Make sure the question is relevant to your niche. That way it’ll be more engaging to your target market. If you write fiction, for example, you might ask your followers their opinions on new books that have come out or whether they plan to pre-order a certain new title.

 2.) Include a link with a conversational, intriguing headline.

You don’t need to post all original content on Twitter. Whenever I share someone else’s content, I do my best to include a comment about the article, my reaction to it, or I ask my followers a question. This personalizes the tweet so it isn’t just a headline.

For example, maybe you’re re-posting an article on the top 5 restaurants in your city. You could say – My fave isn’t on here – boo! Or you could ask your followers if they’ve been to any on the list. Remember, people are on Twitter to be part of an online conversation.

When you share interesting content from other writers, make sure to give them credit in the tweet by @mentioning them. It’s a great way to build connections in your niche, and build social currency with other leaders in your industry.

I know I appreciate it if others share my content and I’m more likely to retweet their content as well. It’s a great way to build good will. Plus, if your followers enjoy it, they’ll associate you with great content even if you didn’t produce it yourself.

3.) Add a photo or video.

Photos and videos are much more likely to be re-tweeted than text posts. They just stand out in Twitter’s news feed. So use this to your advantage and look for images that represent your company as well as images that provoke an emotional response from your followers.

4.) Use hashtags.

Hashtags organize conversations on Twitter. And you should take every opportunity possible to join a conversation around your niche. If you can offer something of value to that conversation, you’ll become more visible to people who aren’t already following you.

You can even create your own hashtags around a subject that will resonate with your ideal clients. Say you run a fitness blog. You could ask your followers whether they prefer sit-ups or leg lifts to exercise their abs and why. Then tell them to respond with the #myabshurt hashtag or something more creative. J

 5.) Include a call to action.

I think a lot of us feel funny adding a call to action to our tweets, but the reality is, people will do what they’re asked to do… especially if they like you and have been following you for a while. Don’t hesitate to ask them to do something – download this free training, retweet this to your friends, reply with this hashtag, visit my website. Most will be more than happy to help, but the idea doesn’t occur to them until you ask.

If you use these 5 tricks, you’ll see a noticeable increase in engagement on Twitter, and your presence on the platform will grow. The key is to continually offer valuable and interesting content worth sharing.

What else would you add? What has worked for you to increase your Twitter engagement? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Nina Radetich is a longtime journalist and founder of Nina Radetich New Media Strategies, a social media consulting agency in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nina helps businesses build their social strategies and connect with customers through creative social media campaigns.  You can find Nina at or by contacting her directly at

This article first appeared on Nina’s blog.

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