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7 Key 2018 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, Freelancers, and Professionals

If you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or a professional, you need to stay abreast of effective marketing trends. You best promote your products or services by being in tune with effective marketing strategies.

The reality is that over time there are certain marketing strategies that prove more effective than others. Indeed, in this era of digital communication, the effectiveness of a particular marketing strategy can change in very little time.

As we head into 2018, discussion is being had about marketing strategies that small businesses, freelancers, and professionals of different types should take a look at for their own enterprises. There are seven key marketing strategies that a small business, freelancer, or professional needs to strongly considering implementing as part of their overall efforts to promote their products or services.

Mobile First Strategy

Although more people access the internet via mobile device than desktops at this point in time, 2018 will cement the reality that a business, freelancer, or professional must adopt a mobile first strategy. Historically, everything from web design to content development was created with a desktop-first focus. That approach must be abandoned. This means that not only must marketing be developed with an aesthetic eye to mobile devices first, but must also be crafted to be relevant to a person’s life on the go who is accessing the internet while on the move.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

With the ubiquitous nature of social media in this day and age, influencer marketing is proven to be an important tool for promoting successful a business enterprise of some sort, and its associated products or services. Influencer marketing involves a social media personality hyping a business, product, or service to its fan base. Research demonstrates that followers of social media personalities take recommendations by these public figures to heart. Because of the broad spectrum of social media influencers active today, there are opportunities for even small businesses, freelancers, and professionals to take advantage of promotional opportunities through this avenue.

Mobile Video

There has been a tremendous movement towards the posting of videos of different types on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. Another trend has been the increase in the number of people who view these videos from mobile devices. Some research on the trend reveals that mobile video views are outpacing desktop views six-to-one at this juncture in time. Because of this trend, videos designed with mobile viewers in mind are a key strategy for a small business, freelancer, or professional to consider embracing in 2018 and into the future. This includes taking advantage of live video streams available through social media platforms like Facebook.

Short-Lived Content

With the growth of Snapchat, another interesting trend is occurring across social media platforms more broadly that necessitate an examination by small businesses and other types of enterprises. Short-lived content is becoming an increasingly important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Historically, the push was for “evergreen” content on the Internet. While the use of evergreen content remains important, at the other end of the spectrum is the short-lived content and the benefits that can be derived from utilizing that practice as well.


Personalization and niche marketing has been vital for the promotion of a business, freelancer, or professional for a couple of decades — at least. Personalization has become ever more important in this day and age. The typical individual is flooded with information of all types via the internet. Therefore, if a business venture of any type really wants to connect with a prospective patron, that enterprise must have a truly personalized approach to its marketing. Accomplishing this requires the utilization of an array of underlying strategies, including well-developed lists of consumers to work from in developing a marketing strategy.

Native Advertising

A couple of years ago, some marketing “professionals” pontificated that content marketing was dead. These individuals were very wrong. Content marketing has never been more important. Content marketing provides the vehicle through which native advertising works. Native advertising provides a meaningful and effective way to connect with potential clients or customers through valuable content. Products or services are naturally weaved into content that already has definite value for a reader.

Purpose-Driven Marketing

Finally, in 2018, a small business, freelancer, or professional needs to take a look at purpose-driven marketing. Research makes clear that brands that partner with nonprofits and charities, or have some sort of internal program that gives back to the community, develop a stronger presence in the marketplace. Purpose-driven marketing adds an added element to a commercial transaction by making a consumer feel good about the additional benefits derived from a purchase of a product or service.

Jessica Kane is a writer for 777Sign, a leading provider of wholesale advertising flags, banners, tablecloths, and more. 

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