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AMA Las Vegas Names Shahab Zargari Board Member of the Month

Shahab Zargari is an award-winning filmmaker, author and marketing guru with a passion for art, photography, music and creative advertising. He’s the director of marketing for Higher Ground Creative by day, VP of digital marketing for the AMA Las Vegas in his spare time, and a dedicated husband and dad 24/7.

Impressive, don’t Cha think? We do too. In fact, we’re still trying to figure out how he does it!

With more than 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and social media management, Shahab has already proven to be a jack of all trades and an incredible asset to our board. In his position, he oversees the strategic direction of all things digital – social media, online advertising, website, and newsletter design and development.

Yeah. Yeah. We’re also trying to figure how we managed to get things done before he joined the board in 2014. He truly is a rock star and a driven leader. Without his expertise over the last month (and more), we would have lost some serious digital ground and that’s why he has been named the August 2015 Board Member of the Month.

We could go on and on about Shahab’s professionalism and why he deserves this award but we think it’s more important for you to know how to strike up a conversation with him. So, we asked him a few questions…

  1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones and WHY?

I dig the 50s and 60s discography of both bands very much. But when looking at my vinyl collection, I have more original Beatles albums than I do Rolling Stones, so I guess The Beatles win!

  1. Favorite Las Vegas attraction

Naturally occurring: Red Rock Canyon

Man-made: Bellagio Waters

  1. Any awesome/funny story

When we were set to film the Luxor Las Vegas “Comeback Kid” commercial, one of the scenes had the characters partying in the nightclub. The week of the shoot the owner of LAX let us know they would not allow us to shoot inside their venue, throwing a huge wrench in our plans. So we asked management if we could block off a third of the Liquidity center bar in the casino for those shots, and it was an easy yes. So when you watch the video, the “club scene” wasn’t shot in a club at all. Rather, it was shot on the west side of the tiny casino bar. Abracadabra! Movie magic!

  1. Best happy hour location

Vegas TGI Fridays. Their happy hour specials last 24/7. How insane is that?

  1. Most frequented lunch spot

Skinny Fats

  1. If you could have lunch with any famous person, who would you choose, and why?

Deceased: Charlie Chaplain – I’d love to sit and hear about his trials and tribulations of filming and editing slapstick comedy.

Alive: Bill Murray – I really want to cast him in something. Anything. Working with him would be a dream come true.

  1. Left Twix or Right Twix?

Both at the same time! Crunch!

  1. Someone is writing your biography, what is the title?

Spielberg and Lucas got nothing on Zargari

Now you know a little more about Shahab, so introduce yourself at the next #AMALV event. To learn more about him, read his full bio.

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