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AMA Las Vegas Shines the Spotlight on Board Member Shauna Gut

How often do you hear people say, “We should really improve this process?” Yet, the process remains the same because no one makes suggestions on how it should be done.

In February, Shauna Gut proved this casual statement wrong and showed her dedication to improvement. She brought her design ideas to the table and trained herself how to use MailChimp. As a result, she turned our goal of redesigning the AMA Las Vegas digital newsletter into a reality.

Passionate about marketing, Shauna is the vice president of communications for the AMA Las Vegas and has served on the board for four years.

Outside of the AMA Las Vegas, Shauna is an account executive at Staples Print Solutions. In her position, she manages the print production for eight casino resort properties and works closely with a team of graphic designers to create beautiful, cost-effective print collateral.

“No one is really from Las Vegas!” Well, Shauna is! Want to learn more about this Las Vegas native? You’re not alone.

Here’s our interview with Shauna:

  1. Do you like your middle name?  If so, what is it and why?  If not, why? Yes, I do like my middle name. I’m named after my Dad, Ray, but my name is spelled Rae.
  2. Favorite vacation spot? San Francisco. My husband and I try to visit as often as possible.
  3. Sports fan? Favorite team, player? By marriage, I am bound to the Chicago Bears. However, my heart is with Peyton Manning, and whichever team he does or does not play for.
  4. What’s your favorite peanut butter accompaniment?  When was the last time you made it for yourself? Chocolate! I’m known to splurge on a Reese’s from time to time. Those days are known as “weekdays.”
  5. Accomplishment you are most proud of…? My junior year of high school, I played on a traveling California-based softball team. That summer we accomplished more than anyone ever thought possible. Naysayers were a-plenty, but we proved them wrong. We won the California State Championship, winning eight games in a row (by the mercy rule). With that title, we received a birth to Nationals, where we won another eight games in a row (again by the mercy rule) to win the National Championship title. This was unheard of and had never happened before. We sang our team song before every game, Shania Twain’s, You’re Still the One. Our “one” was the team.
  6. Funny or incredible story that you don’t mind we share…? My dad and I were driving cross country. We decided we were going to take turns driving for 24 hours straight to make good time. About 20 hours in, my dad stopped to get gas. Exhausted, he finished pumping gas and pulled away. Well, he forgot to take the pump out of the car. We heard a loud crash and thump. As we looked back, there was a huge geyser of gasoline spewing from the ground! He flipped a U-turn, dodged the pool of gasoline, and went back to help the gas attendant. We went inside only to find a short man frantically trying to pull a very tall lever to shut off the gas valve. Both tall, my dad and I offered to help. The gas attendant scowled and said, “Just go. You’ve done enough.” Humbly, we walked back to the car and left.

Now that you know more about Shauna, strike up a conversation with her at our next AMA Las Vegas event.

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