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AMA Las Vegas Spotlights Emily Hedlund, Sales and Marketing Manager at Dick’s Last Resort.

Emily’s keen sense of creativity inspires her both personally and professionally. In fact, one of her long term goals is to design unique product packaging concepts for Bath & Body Works. Being that Emily loves the creative and artistic side of guerrilla marketing; we are dying to know what packaging and marketing activities she has in mind for Bath & Body Works!

Outside of work, Emily enjoys volleyball and is an art buff, of all types . . . including baking. Yes, baking is an art in our humble opinion. We can’t say for sure, but we are guessing that no recipes are followed in the Hedlund household, as the best baked goods are made with love, a dash of creativity and sprinkled with spontaneity.

A little more about Emily; she enjoys lunching at Dick’s, and is not biased at all about her favorite lunch spot.  She supports the Anaheim Angels, and loves vacationing anywhere near the beach.

To wrap up, we’d like to share a funny happening to Emily. While traveling in Europe, her sister and she went canyoning (What is Canyoning?) in Austria. On the way to their starting point, they had to endure a long van ride with a super buff, super intense driver chick, who handled the van like she was a speedster on the Autobahn. Between the windy back roads, the impatient yelling, and 2the honking at defenseless elderlies merely tootling around on their bicycles, it made for an interesting ride. Upon arriving at their destination, they find out some unsettling and terrifying news . . . their driver will be the same person responsible for holding their ropes! Eeek!

We encourage you to reach out to Emily. Here’s how to do it.

Give her a call at 702.597.7991

Shoot her an email at

Emily Hedlund on Linked In

 Emily Hedlund on Twitter

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