American Marketing Association of Las Vegas

AMA Las Vegas Spotlights: Lauren Brooks

What’s sew special about Lauren Brooks?

Meet Lauren, sponsorship and advertising manager for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber prides itself on strengthening the Southern Nevada business community, where all businesses are welcome to join.

Her position is very demanding and many times feels like her Wonder Woman cape never seems to come off. However, if she could choose to be any super hero, she would choose. . . Um, let’s just pause here and ask all the gentlemen readers to please stay calm and maybe have a seat. Okay, she would choose to be Superman, so she could experience how easy men have it. Oh snap!

When she does have time to lunch, you can find her at Killer Shrimp, for the moment anyway. Tomorrow or next week, who knows? Like any good woman, she has the right to change her opinion often.

Lauren fits right in with the cool kids in that she loves to wear pink, and would wear it every day if she could. We bet she wishes everyday were Wednesday.

Lastly, let’s delve into a hidden talent of Lauren’s. Did you know that she sews her own clothes? What an incredible talent!

Now that you know a little more about Lauren, please track her down at the luncheon and spark up a conversation.

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