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AMALV Names Shauna Gut May 2015 Board Member of the Month

Shauna Gut, Membership Chair
Account Executive at Staples Print Solutions

Shauna is a rare Las Vegas native, leaving only to attend college as a student-athlete at The University of Rhode Island. As a Rhode Island Ram, she received many accolades in softball and graduated Magna Cum Laude.
Shauna has served on the American Marketing Association board for the past three years and is honored to currently hold the position of membership chair and this coming term she will be the VP of Communications

Fun story about Shauna… Shauna has worked for Staples Print Solutions since 2013. At Staples, much of the documentation is not only saved electronically, but as a hard copy attached to the samples of the printed materials created for clients. To secure the papers, she would use a staple. She opened a new box of staples when she started at Staples and after working there for an entire year, she finally had the satisfaction finishing the entire box of staples. Coincidence, I think not. I’d like each of you to think really hard – when was the last time you actually finished an entire box of staples?

A few more interesting facts about Shauna:
• She is a total daddy’s girl
• Shauna has driven cross-country three times
• She just celebrated one year of marriage on May 3 to Eric Gut

Now that you know more about Shauna say hello and get to know her even better.

Shauna Newmiller
Account Executive
Staples Print Solutions
T: 702-560-2625
F: 702-361-5152

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