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Analysis: Why Did the Star Wars Passat Commercial work so well?

What made the 2011 VW Passat Commercial so brilliant; so memorable?

Is it the fact that the acting of the little boy is so believable? Is it the fact that they have the boy walking around in a Star Wars costume?

Is it the fact that they licensed the light saber noise and Darth Vader theme, John Williams’ the iconic “The Imperial March”?

No. In fact it’s none of these.

The commercial works because there is a story presented in less than a minute.

The story is what makes the Star Wars fans giggle with glee, the parents tear up at the end and everyone else remember the commercial even after seeing it only once.


The video was placed on TV (during the Superbowl as well), but the Youtube video clocks in at over 63 million views, and those numbers just don’t lie.

Author bio: Shahab Zargari is Executive Director of Marketing at Higher Ground Creative Agency.


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