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Here Comes Gen Z: What Employers Need to Know

By Laura Gayle, Business Woman Guide Gen Z is growing up. Generally categorized as those born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest of the group have either already started working or are just graduating from college and looking for work. It won’t be long before the rest of the generation joins them, bringing new traits, […]

Top 5 Key Attributes of Successful People

Whether you are concerned about gaining ground in your professional life, or want to make the most out of your personal life, you may wonder whether successful people share some common traits. The fact is that every successful person has succeeded in part because of some attributes that uniquely are his or her own. However, […]

Five Ways to Rethink the Marketing Skills Gap

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the number of marketing professionals who are struggling to find talent has grown 320% since 2014. The marketing skills gap is growing and companies aren’t keeping up. Unless marketing leaders start rethinking the skills gap, ​they could end up dangerously short on talent. Here are five ways that companies can […]

Promoting Employer-Sponsored Mental Health Services

Internal marketing efforts to improve and destigmatize mental illness in the workplace have a long way to go. Here’s where to start. This spring, investigations revealed that the March 24 crash of Germanwings flight 9525 in the French Alps was not from any mechanical failure or external conditions, but rather the deliberate decision of the […]

Refer Colleagues to the AMA And Win!

You’re passionate about marketing. And you have been taking advantage of all the AMA has to offer for a while now. No doubt you’ve already seen how beneficial the membership really is! I bet you know a colleague or two who could benefit from the AMA, as well. Take advantage of the AMA membership referral […]