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You’ve probably heard that mobile marketing is the wave of the future. But with the daunting task of keeping advertising budgets low how does Mobile Marketing compete? The first place to look, is how people are using their phones and tablets more often than sitting down in front of a large stationary device for media. […]

Business Tips: Effective Project Management

Structuring your project Effective project management involves following a precise methodology that adheres to a set of project phases, with common processes that run across each phase. This mode of thought is particularly good for those interested in turning out flawless project success and completion. You must first understand that projects are delivered in stages. […]

Health Care Communications in the Age of ‘Sharenting’

Today’s parents are raising kids in a digital-first culture, facing more unique parenting questions and challenges than previous generations. Health care marketers h​ave a role to play in helping them navigate this new normal, but first they have to understand the new digital parenting landscape themselves. In December 2014, the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based C.S.Mott Children’s […]

Athletes and Milk Go Together Like, Well, Cookies and Milk

Professional athletes have made headlines recently for making a sugary soda their postgame beverage of choice. Now milk marketers are hoping that they make a “healthier” decision. Washington, D.C.-based MilkPEP this year launched Built With Chocolate Milk, a print, TV and digital ad campaign that repositions chocolate milk as a health drink for athletes, and […]

IBM and Facebook Team Up to Refine Ad Targeting

Ad targeting mechanisms are getting more sophisticated as brands seek to reach consumers on an omnichannel level and make ads ever more personalized. On May 6, Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM and Menlo Park, Calif.-based Facebook announced a partnership to help marketers deliver more targeted ad campaigns across multiple platforms. The partnership will allow IBM’s clients to […]

How to Build a Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan is Marketing 101 fodder, but the rules have changed in the digital era. Here’s how to build a successful marketing plan today. You learned it in a lecture hall, drumming your pencil (or your stylus, for graduates in the digital age) on your desk as an instructor droned on about the […]