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Create a marketing strategy for millennials [Infographic]

Every audience has difference ways of marketing that appeal to them. That audience and the appeal is often colored by the age group that the person belongs to. It’s true that groups of people—while diverse and original as everyone is—have certain shared characteristics because they have certain shared experiences, be they world events, technology, or something else.

For example, marketing to the group known as baby boomers is vastly different than marketing to the group known as millennials. And people in the marketing industry need to learn quickly what millennials want from their communications: This group is about one-quarter of the entire U.S. population, meaning they have immense buying power.

This group, born roughly in the years from 1982-2000, are much more diverse than previous generations. They are very well connected and active on social media, too. What else defines this segment of the population? This graphic explains it.

Provided by Kara Whittaker, Ghergich & Co.

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