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Crissie Bather and Melissa Fama-Flis, the Right Leaders on the Bus

On paper, and in our minds, we had a great board, infrastructure and resources – and yet, we were not moving the chapter forward. What did we do? We got the right leaders to drive the bus, created a 3-year strategic plan and filled the rest of the seats on the bus with motivated marketers.

As president of the American Marketing Association Las Vegas my first goal was to find the right business partners – my executive committee – two passionate leaders in it for the long haul. I selected Crissie Bather, account executive at FOX5, and Melissa Fama-Flis, marketing coordinator for Century Communities. This proved to be the best decision I made throughout my term. Both Crissie and Melissa know how to make concrete business decisions and let’s face it, get $%& done (pardon my French)!

Working with Crissie and Melissa had countless advantages and that’s why they are our May and June Board Members of the Month. More specifically, here are the top five ways they helped make my term a success:

  1. Divide and conquer
    It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to serve on the executive committee. You have to put all politics aside and make smart, strategic decisions for the benefit of the organization. You need to have your pulse on the latest marketing trends, meet reporting deadlines, keep the board on task, and constantly evolve as a leader. It was overwhelming at times but we were all willing to devote extra time and share the workload.
  2. Different strengthens
    Working with Crissie and Melissa brought new skills sets to the table. Crissie has a strong background in programming, Melissa excels in the financial realm, and I’m passionate about content marketing. Taking advantage of our skill sets allowed us to create change and build more structure. We set measureable goals and put our 3-year strategic plan in motion.
  3. Different Perspectives
    Crissie and Melissa help me avoid tunnel vision. I had faith in many of my business ideas and solutions but, they helped me put things in perspective. The decision-making process became easier and more realistic when the three of us objectively evaluated each idea and shared our concerns and feedback.
  4. Transparent communication
    Passionate leaders often ride a roller coaster of emotions and conflict is unavoidable on every board. Together, we were (and still are) the perfect mix. We always put the future of the organization first and didn’t allow ourselves to get distracted by our emotions. We had open discussions and left our meetings with a consensus and conclusive action.
  5. Inspire culture
    If you’ve been to any of our events, you know the AMALV board is a family. We work to inspire collaboration, appreciation and celebration. This year the executive committee, met with each board member to set measurable goals and find ways to provide backup. We also held several appreciation events and recognized outstanding individuals for their dedication to the AMALV. To top it off, we reached a financially stable place and sent five board members to the AMA Leadership Summit in Chicago.

My term as AMALV president may be coming to an end but the friendships I have built will last a lifetime – especially with my partners in crime Crissie and Melissa. Thank you, ladies. I step down from the executive committee with confidence, knowing you’ll take the board and organization to the next level.

Author bio: Lindsay Alford is the 2015 – 2016 president of the American Marketing Association Las Vegas and senior communication specialist for UnitedHealthcare Nevada.

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