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Don’t Call Them “Old” – A Look At The 50+ Las Vegas Market

With more than 730,000 adults 50 and older in Southern Nevada, it’s apparent our own Golden Girls and Guys market deserve a closer look. While AARP lowered the age for membership and many brands have started calling those over 50 “seniors,” the identity as an “old person” isn’t much appreciated. In fact, according to a March Fast Company article, “Rise Of The Olds: Advertising Catches Up With A New Demographic”, those over 65 don’t think of themselves as old at all. Would you consider the generations that experienced the Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock and the British Invasion torpid and sedentary? Nah.

So who are our 50+ adults anyway (according to our Nielsen Scarborough* reports)?

The biggest standout is that 90% of adults 50+ have lived in Clark County for more than five years. These are locals who are invested in their community – 39% are employed, 19% volunteered in the past year, 51% in sporting activities, 67% own their home, and 49% own a pet. Home and gardens are a big trend among the 50+ set – they spent $364m in home improvements and 36% gardened in the past year.

Just because they’re local though, doesn’t mean they stay put. Owing most likely to our city’s generous tax break on airfare, 45% of adults 50+ took a round trip domestic air flight, 57% stayed in any hotel or motel, and 21% took an international flight in the past year. Only 15% took a cruise in the past three years. Yeah, those stereotypes about cruising seniors couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not surprising is that going to casinos is a favorite pastime with 67% gambling in a casino in the past year. However, they aren’t sitting at the slots all night. They spread their activities around – 73% dined and 27% watched a stage show or concert in a casino in the past year. Then they hit the casino floor with 22% more likely to have played video poker in the last three months.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal started AgeWell Expo, the premier event for active adults 50+, four years ago to reach this diverse and dynamic market. More than 10,000 attend every year. This year, it’s bigger and better than ever with special guest Vicki Lawrence sharing her wisecracking wisdom on October 14 at Cashman Center. Read more about opportunities to reach thousands of active adults 50+ with our sponsorship deck here: or go to

*Sources: Nielsen Scarborough, Release 1, 2017; Nielsen Scarborough, Release 2, 2015 (Review-Journal Custom Recontact Study).

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Aisha Kasmir – Marketing Media Manager

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