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February Member of the Month Donald Hendon

Donald has been a continuous member of AMA since 1965. Yes, we did say 50 years!

Although Donald is 74 years old, he is still very active. He has given seminars and done consulting in 36 nations on 6 continents.

Donald’s consulting is most unique and valuable to his clients because of his extremely specific negotiation and influence tactics—the unique tactics most favored by executives in 54 different nations when they negotiate. Knowing what tactics they’ll probably use gives his clients the power to win more when they deal with these nationalities. It seems Donald is quit the world traveler.

Donald has written 11 books, published in 15 nations and in 12 languages.

Some of his books include: The Way of the Warrior in Business, 365 Powerful Ways to Influence and he has also written one fiction book.

Introduce yourself to Donald at our next AMA luncheon. I’m sure he will “wow” you with his wealth of knowledge.
Dr. Donald Wayne Hendon

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