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Jessica Kempany and Lisa Chatham Steal the AMALV Board Spotlight

The spotlight is on our dynamic duo, Jessica Kempany and Lisa Chatham, co-vice presidents of programming of the American Marketing Association Las Vegas (AMALV). Jessica and Lisa have proven they have their pulse on what’s trending and relevant to the Las Vegas marketing community – filling Fleming’s at Town Square with 80 to 110 attendees, on average, per luncheon.

To keep the momentum going, Jessica and Lisa have worked hard to assemble a crowd-pleasing lineup of marketing professionals in 2016. Coca-Cola, T-Mobile Arena and NASCAR are just a few of the big brands you’ll hear from this year. That’s why they’ve been named the January 2016 AMA Las Vegas Board Members of the Month.

Jessica, an account executive for Coca-Cola, joined the board in 2014 as the vice president of hospitality and quickly realized she was up for a greater challenge – programming. Lisa, a senior account executive for Vector Media, recently joined the board and wasted no time filling in the gaps.

Lucky for us, Jessica and Lisa have both established strong connections throughout Las Vegas’ business community. But, how many of you have taken the opportunity to build a strong business relationship with them? To help you out, we asked them a few conversational questions…

We asked Jessica:

Q. Do you like your middle name? If so, what is it? If not, why?
A. My middle name is Leigh. I like it because I share it with both of my parents.

Q. Favorite vacation spot?
A. My favorite place to vacation is Disney World, of course!

Q. Beatles or Rolling Stones?
A. I would have to go with Beatles over Rolling Stones, even though they’re both way before my time. Ha ha!

Q. What’s your favorite peanut butter accompaniment?
A. My favorite thing with peanut butter is apples. I eat them a few times a week!

We asked Lisa:

Q. What’s your favorite song on your playlist? Any particular reason?
A. Speedway by Morrissey. I just saw him at The Joint. He’s amazing!

Q. When you have 30 minutes of free, how do you pass the time?
A. If I had 30 minutes of free time, I would take a nap.

Q. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?
A. The best gift I’ve ever received was a car my brother-in-law won at a golf tournament. He hit a hole-in-one!

Q. The best part of waking up is?
A. Nothing! I’m not a morning person.

Now that you know more about them, be sure to strike up a conversation and congratulate them on their AMA accomplishments at our next luncheon.

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