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Katie Fisher, VP of Special Events, Named #AMALV Board Member of the Month

They say good talent is hard to find. We beg to differ. Katie Fisher, global brand marketing manager in fan experience for UFC, joined the American Marketing Association Las Vegas (#AMALV) in July 2015 and hit the ground running.

Due to low attendance at our mixers, the board decided to take a hiatus from special events until we could find the right person for the job. Katie proved to be up for the challenge. Named VP of special events for AMALV, she quickly identified trendy venues for our fall 2015 mixer and narrowed it down to Distill Summerlin. She worked closely with the board to promote the event across the chapter’s social media, newsletter and websites. As a result, we saw a 320 percent increase in attendance. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

We dare you to experience the AMA-zing patio at Distill Summerlin! Our guests were spoiled at our fall mixer with great conversation, atmosphere, appetizers (especially the mac and cheese balls), drink tickets, and live music by Hal Savar.

To top it off, Katie has already lined up our next mixer for Thursday, Dec. 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Hyde. Stay tuned and check our event calendar for more details.

As you can tell, we’re beyond thrilled with Katie’s efforts and proud to award her #AMALV November Board Member of the Month. Enjoy your bragging rights, Katie! You definitely earned it.

Want to know more about Katie? Us too! So, we sat down with her to learn more about her bubbly personality. Here’s what she had to say.

  1. Best part of being an #AMALV board member?
    Meeting other local marketers and learning what they love about Vegas, and how everyone works to bring our different marketing industries together.
  2. Dog lover or cat lover?
  3. Any pets of your own?
    Yes! A little Shih Tzu puppy named Tootsie.
  4. Most embarrassing trend from the 90’s that you actively participated in?
    Obnoxious Platform Shoes…Spice Girl status.
  5. Most recent concert?  Or best concert of all time.
    Best concert – No Doubt at Rock In Rio!
  6. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?
    Frozen yogurt.
  7. Favorite travel destination or place you most want to travel to and why?
    It’s far enough away but no passport required.
  8. You are on a desert island with all the food and water you need – what are your three essentials you bring with and why?
    1. My dog to keep me happy and distracted. And, give me someone to talk to!
    2. A pillow. There’s no way I’m sleeping on a rock.
    3. Swiss Army Knife… I’m sure it would be useful somehow!
  9. Tell us a fun or funny story that you don’t mind we share.
    Great lesson in taking one for the team. We had a UFC Fan Village fan experience, and the UFC training partner for one of our UFC Athletes didn’t show up…so I stepped in as the “demo dummy.” No. There is no video evidence. Thank goodness!

Now you know more about Katie so introduce yourself at our next luncheon or mixer.

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