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Lead Validation Dramatically Improves Lead Generation

Companies serious about online lead generation should add lead validation to their marketing campaign process, as the presentation below explains.


Lead validation, which mainly involves listening to recordings of phone inquiries and reading website form submissions to separate sales leads from non-lead conversions, helps companies in several ways:


  • First, lead validation provides campaign managers with far more precise data about which campaign elements are producing leads — rather than which elements are merely producing conversions.


  • Second, armed with this more precise data, campaign managers can make adjustments and conduct tests that more effectively improve lead production — rather than merely improve conversion


  • Third, including precise lead data in reports enables company leadership to evaluate campaign performance and set campaign budgets based on lead production (which is everything) rather than on conversion production, (which is much less important).


How much less important is conversion data? In the presentation, you will see a study that convincingly demonstrates that half of website conversions are something other than sales leads. Thus, if you rely heavily on conversion data, you’re doing half as well as you think you are … and that’s not good. See the full presentation here:


Importance of Lead Validation Study by organic seo agency Straight North.

Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North.

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