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Social Media Better Permeates Marketing Strategies, CMO Survey Finds

After more than four years of flat-lining results, social media is showing signs of becoming more baked into marketing strategy, according to findings from the August 2015 iteration of the CMO Survey, produced by Duke University in partnership with the American Marketing Association.

On a scale from one to seven, where one represents “not integrated” and seven represents “very integrated,” the 255 U.S.-based senior marketers polled for the survey ranked social media’s effective integration into their marketing strategies at a 4.2, up a few points over the past 12 months.

That slight uptick accompanies the survey’s findings that marketers continue to increase their spending on social media tactics and efforts. Currently, they allocate 10.7% of their marketing budgets to the social sphere, and in the coming year, they plan to increase their social spending to 14.0% of their budgets.

While digital marketing overall—and mobile marketing, specifically—is on the rise, the effective integration of customer data across social media, communication and purchasing channels is on the decline, the survey found. On the same 1-7 effectiveness scale, marketers rated the effectiveness of their customer data integration at a 3.6, down slightly from 3.9 in August 2014.CMOSurveyChart


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This article was originally published in the September 1, 2015, issue of Marketing News Weekly​​​


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