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The 5 Secret Identities of a Super Social Media Manager

A common question of the elusive social media manager is “what do you do all day?”  Alas, the role does require a bit more than the ability to stalk your friends on Facebook all day long.  In fact, the social media manager has many secret identities the average person would not associate with this demanding position.  Whether they are a part of a large cohesive team or a department of one, a social media professional must be a jack of all trades.

The Explorer | The social media manager scours the vast digital landscape to find the best content for sharing.  Starving for knowledge, he revels in the discovery of information.  A creature of curiosity, our hero is also a pop-culture connoisseur.

The Author | She writes, rewrites, revises, and repeats.  Composing credible and engaging blog posts, ad copy, social media responses, press releases and more, our wordsmith protagonist loves creating literature.

The Engineer | Social media ninjas need to have the techy skills to take photos, edit videos, create graphics and design the whole content package.  From plugins to popups, this savvy architect has just the right amount of computer geek know-how.

The Advocate | The social media manager is the champion of their brand’s online community.  She promotes the brand, encourages interactions, initiates conversations, disseminates information, educates the public and builds relationships.  Maintaining the brand voice, the social media manager supports communication with a touch of humor and ingenuity.

The Analyst | Measure everything!  The super social media manager is very goal-oriented and will track specific metrics to determine where he can make relevant adjustments to the strategic plan.  This cunning individual makes decisions based on the data and analytics and is always calculating the ROI.

Who knew a social media manager had to be an expert at more than just Twitter and hashtags?  As you can see, this role is an integral part of any company and is essential to a brand’s communications strategy.  It’s no wonder there are more social media jobs than there are people to fill them.  It takes a special and talented individual to navigate this profession.

This post first appeared on Melissa Fama-Flis’ blog at

Author bio: Melissa is the marketing coordinator at Century Communities and serves as treasurer on the AMALV board of directors.  She is currently earning a master’s degree in social media at the University of Florida. 

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