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The Importance Of Repetition In Advertising

Burn your message into your customer’s subconscious

People don’t always “need” your product; unless you’re water or power and with the advent of alternative energy like solar and home-based wind turbines the latter is also up for review.

Hopefully, however, through the use of targeting you should be able to find out who is eventually going to need your services. But what happens if your target doesn’t think of YOUR Company when they need you the most?

What are you going to do to stand out in their minds as opposed to any one of your competitors?

Always start online

People are constantly on the internet these days so make sure you have an excellent SEO and positioning campaign to ensure potential customers have easy access to your website.

Whether it’s online or in the physical world, only repetitive advertising can turn your business or product into a household name.

In my experience most startup businesses run an ad in a local magazine and use the bare minimum “free design” that comes from that media company.

The fact that there has been no positioning, targeting or any fore thought into the design or copy on these “free” designs is a major problem. People aren’t interested in boring designs that look and sound like all the rest.

Avoid print ad mistakes

Usually the new business will end up pulling the ad after running it two or three times because they get no response, then they resort to only word of mouth to generate new clients.

Avoid falling into this predicament at all costs!

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your business, true, but you will never experience real growth without the use of repetitive advertising.

Companies that can’t utilize direct response won’t be able to quantify how many people came in from one specific ad; so don’t give up too soon. If you stay consistent and memorable for your target market, you’ll notice an increase in customer traffic over time.

Rules to advertise by :

1. Make sure you do good targeting

If you put your ads where your target market can’t see, hear or feel them, then you may as well throw your money in the trash. There are tons of books you can read on the topic of targeting and I have even written a few blog posts on the subject– if you do a quick search on this site you’ll find them easily.

2. Run the ad everywhere all the time

People have to see or hear your message at LEAST seven times before it registers and then seven more times before it is actually committed to memory.

3. Make an impression on potential clients

Getting people to notice your ad is about placing quality, attention-grabbing ads in as many mediums your target consumers will be exposed to.

Putting advertising concepts together

Now, I’ll use a fictional video game company as an example.

XYZ Games, a new independent gaming software company, has a new “shoot-em up” game targeted to Males between 16 and 25.

The first thing they do is put together a website equipped with: Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Then they run a banner or link ad on as many websites catering to their target audience as they can budget for.

Next they place ads in a magazine, publications like Wired or FHM. The ad will be placed consistently for at least 6 months.

Lastly they use television to really demonstrate the quality and excitement of the game while also making sure the channels and time slots are appropriate for reaching their specific target consumer.

There are hundreds of other mediums like DVD previews or video game previews that can and should be used. This is just one version of a marketing mix that they chose to start with. Over the next six months the response will be measured and the marketing mix can be shifted and changed based on the findings.

Until next time…Happy marketing!

Author bio: Sam Zargari is head copywriter at Zed Collective, and has over 15 years in sales and advertising experience. 

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