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What Social Media Lessons Can ‘Big’ Business Learn From ‘Small’ Business

Despite having millions of followers, big business still doesn’t get Social Media

According to an article an Social Media Today, these 3 lessons should be sought out and practiced by the big guys!

1. Have a Voice – “People want to connect with other people, not nameless, faceless companies. And large companies still don’t understand this.”

2. Crown a Dictator – “Large companies need to find champions with a history of success, and who prefer data-driven decisions over political ones.”

3. Go Beyond Facebook and Twitter – “Most big business marketers wouldn’t know what to do in a small company with no staff, budget, mass-media advertising, or big brand name to save them. It’s easy to manage or grow social media accounts for large companies. But it’s extremely difficult to transcend those networks and get the whole organization aligned with how your consumers shop today.”

Click here to read the entire article! It’s good stuff!

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