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You’ve probably heard that mobile marketing is the wave of the future. But with the daunting task of keeping advertising budgets low how does Mobile Marketing compete?
The first place to look, is how people are using their phones and tablets more often than sitting down in front of a large stationary device for media. A 2015 Mary Meeker study showed that people spent 51% of their time on a mobile device compared to 41% on desk top. All other media engagement came in at under 7%.

Portability and even customization is driving our society to use mobile devices more and more each day, for longer periods.

Now whether the effects of this on humanity will be bad or good is a discussion for another day, and another blog. But the fact is, your company can and should be involved in utilizing mobile media.

More and more people are simply on their mobile devices for longer periods so your brand has more opportunities for exposure.

Secondly, the ability to utilize laser precise targeting via social media, and google, makes it even more effective, inexpensive and valuable.

Digital data is made, stored, and duplicated at an ultra low cost compared to all other forms of traditional marketing. Printing flyers and billboards gets costly.

These are amazing times for advertisers, because advertising itself is based on the principle that familiarity, through entertainment, over time, builds trust and desire in a consumer.

In other words: the more people hear and see something cool you created, the more they’ll want to associate with your product.

Mobile video marketing also gives the most bang for your buck for so many reasons: The internet is full of poorly produced crap so it’s easy to get credibility and viewers if the quality of your video is impressive.

It’s way cheaper than it used to be. Technology has gotten so good that you can have Hollywood quality advertising for a few grand. And we already talked about how inexpensive placement is.

Lastly, and I hate to say it, but most people these days have short attention spans and are attracted to flashy things. The more senses you can appeal to the better.
I hope that helps if any of you were on the fence on mobile video marketing.

If you build something that deserves attention it will be remembered.

Author bio: Sam Zargari is head copywriter at Zed Collective, and has over 15 years in sales and advertising experience. 

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